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八月 30

2006/8/30 上午 12:00 

對於一個大型的多層式應用程式而言,它的運作邏輯也相對的複雜和困難,如何讓開發團隊具有結構清晰、層次分明的整體性概念,此時我們必須將系統進行適當的分層。若以較高層次的抽象概念為分層的依據,一個應用程式可以分成使用者介面(Present Tier)、商業邏輯層(Business Tier)、資料存取層(Data Access Tier)以及資料儲存(Data Storage)等四個主要層級,其中又以商業邏輯層與資料存取層為其主要核心。

對於一個大型的多層式應用程式而言,它的運作邏輯也相對的複雜和困難,如何讓開發團隊具有結構清晰、層次分明的整體性概念,此時我們必須將系統進行適當的分層。若以較高層次的抽象概念為分層的依據,一個應用程式可以分成使用者介面(Present Tier)、商業邏輯層(Business Tier)、資料存取層(Data Access Tier)以及資料儲存(Data Storage)等四個主要層級,其中又以商業邏輯層與資料存取層為其主要核心。


  1. 使用者介面層
    接受資料輸入,以及結果輸出。例如Web page和Windows form等應用程式。
  2. 商業邏輯層
  3. 資料存取層
    資料存取層提供商業邏輯層與資料儲存之間的介面,負責存取資料的實際操作,不包括管理與儲存。通常我們又會將資料存取層分成domain specific與domain independent CRUD (Create/Read/Update/Delete)兩個部份。domain specific的組成元素可以是one row per table或者具體物件, 其主要任務是對domain independent CRRU隱藏來自商業邏輯層的訊息細節,輸出SQL命令。Domain independent CRUD的主要任務則是使用ADO.NET執行SQL命令,進行資料讀寫。
  4. 資料儲存

雖然每一個層級都有其各自的分工,但也有一些通用的規則,例如Validation。通常我們會在使用者介面層會進行第一次資料檢驗,例如是否輸入客戶編號而且符合編碼原則。當資料傳遞到商業邏輯層,為了保險起見也需要進行第二次檢驗,例如客戶編號是否唯一。在.NET中提供了一個Regular Expression類別對於資料檢驗特別有用,例如檢查email帳號的格式是否正確,可以寫成
using re = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex;
public static bool IsValidEmail(string s)
        string pattern= @"w+@w+";
        return re.Match(s, pattern).Success;

對於各個層級的分工有了基本的認識之後,接下來我們再來了解層級之間的互動機制,也就是它們之間是如何傳遞訊息?以OO的語言來說,就是new an object and invoke method。前面提到的層級是以邏輯概念的分層,而非實體分層。換句話說不同的層級可以部署在一部機器,或者部署在不同的機器,甚至將同一層級部署在不同的機器。因此訊息必須跨越application boundary,甚至machine boundary,也就是在傳遞參數之前,必須先序列化,以便透過網路傳送,在接收層將其反序列化還原成原始的參數。在.NET中提供了.NET Remoting與Web Service兩種remoting機制均支援跨machine boundary傳遞訊息。

這裡僅對多層式應用程式的分層概念和互動機制做簡要地說明,實作細節可參考Duwamish範例程式。Duwamish是微軟針對企業級.NET應用程式提供的一個reference architecture,它將商業邏輯層再細分成商業外觀層和商業規則層。商業外觀層主要是為使用者介面層提供一致的存取介面,單純的資料讀寫也可以直接透過商業外觀層存取後端資料庫。



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"Gather 'round young children as I let you know a tale a couple of glorified health club instructor through the excellent condition of Michigan. His name was Brian Gregory and he was the Miami Valley's basketball Napolean. Just how beloved was this man? Why throughout the 2009-10 season, a yr that held a great deal guarantee, he managed to lose a dozen games in just about exactly the same precise style -- along with the many people loved him for it.
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Then the scene returns towards the identical stormy morning exactly where it started, exactly where Kuzco clarifies when yet again narrating that Kronk will conquer him, he'll fail in P. E. course, and Yzma will turn into empress, giving the tale a unfortunate finish.
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But then the guy's other argument dropped: in college, even though you detest reading through for pleasure, they'll nonetheless cause you to examine. And it is not even the enjoyable stuff that you will need to examine. Just about every so regularly I hear cries from your literary community about how western civilization is going down the tubes since no-one will read severe literature any significantly more.
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Team remedy is rapidly rising as being a area inside psychotherapy itself, and its inclusion with DBT therapy is testimony of its broad range of advantages and benefits using a quantity of specific disciplines. In team treatment sessions for DBT remedy, people today are probably to be integrated in routines that strengthen private and social skills, enabling them to become extra comfortable socially and also to discover the psychological landscapes of interaction. Clientele may also be proven easy methods to far better manage instances of emotional unrest or trauma via much less harmful implies during these periods.
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Also, these tiny jewels in no way go out of type. It's one of the couple of types of fashion things that transcends all fashion tendencies and will under no circumstances go from fashion. The silver clutch is fairly flexible because you possibly can carry below your arm with no a strap, or you can easily a lengthy shoulder strap for your times whenever you get fed up with retaining it.
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Getting off the boat, but, can be a seriously poor concept. A part of the pleasure with the cruise is looking at the big saltwater crocs basking around the banking institutions. Most of the time, they simply lie there soaking up the sun, but sometimes travellers will see one particular darting throughout the drinking water in front with the boat in chase of prey..
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Taoka is a excellent coach, but has produced mistakes in judging his gamers and also the opposition. He nonetheless has an eye for talent though, as he recognized Uozomi's prospective and gave him encouragement when Uozomi's skills were weak and he was pondering of quitting. Taoka also realized that when Sendoh and Fukuda joined the team that they would grow to be essential gamers.
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You are able to recommend many people what you do in just a few seconds, and advise them also that you are not the enemy. A couple of men and women appear to presume that meeting planners are at present an optional further cost that companies will need to not be spending for. Try some of these replies by saying them to oneself inside a mirror, and modify whatever it is advisable to to ensure that they operate specifically properly for you personally and doesn't tone rehearsed..
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It really is a description coaches use to emphasize the truth that their job opportunities possess a shelf life. Plus the facts of Carroll's departure from New England had been pretty regular so far as coaching dismissals go. He had been hired to replace Statement Parcells in 1997, inheriting a team that had gone 12-4 and achieved the Tremendous Bowl.
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These very same brands had a diverse concentrate entirely just before the housing bubble burst. Before 2008 the center course had dollars to spend. Typical Us residents noticed their home values soar, many times so instantly that a family members produced way more in a yr from asset surge than from their paychecks.
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This is the perfect time to update your Long term Vision and Ambitions based on what you learned in performing your Year-End Assessment. Perhaps you've just modified your thoughts about some issues. That's excellent.
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Perhaps his most outstanding solitary piano overall performance was to an empty live performance corridor. On Sunday December 14, 1980 there were ten minutes of silence structured to remember John Lennon who had been murdered the Monday just before. During this silence, David carried out an considerable improvisation of John Lennon's Throughout the Universe.
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Should you be hunting for vivid color you are going to be able to Low-priced new era hats choose Gucci's Boston Bag in raspberry red. The corporation create bags which are to classics and without difficulty available in red that cannot be disregarded. Other concerns that include extra glamour to those bags is imprime company emblem which adds an component of surprise.
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Counseling is known as a pretty difficult career since it needs to handle individuals facing many different psychological issues in life. Human nature is complicated and therefore the difficulties, as a result a trained experienced is able of giving a solution to them. The National Counselor Exam tests the capacity of a person aspiring to enter this area..
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Never accuse your partner of cheating unless you've got concrete proof mainly because the vast majority will lie and then just cover their tracks far better in the long term. Have a non-violent plan about what you intend to complete in case your suspicions are confirmed. Continually hold a awesome head and don't shed manage over your self.
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He's once more a winner sleeper, who tells us that he's fatigued by declaring "Dow!" (Down) and waddling his adorbale diaper base off to bed. And about the drugging.*sigh*. Just after a month of not enough sleep for virtually anyone, we had been willing to attempt only the most natural alternative we could unearth.
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One more tune of my favorites features a non-slip suitcase about the strap, and so the department move on not mud-slide sour any time you arch to choose anything up. Hence the majority of the red leather bags are completed with compress stud and shut down lid. A tangibles laptop despatch-case really should suffer with differentiate compartments to coop up all equipment and much more, safely and comfortably..
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Ed Hardy features a line of products such as Ed Hardy clothes, Ed Hardy Bikini, Ed Hardy Denims, Ed Hardy Shirt and other people. Depend within the different design which combine tattoo and style, all products of Ed Hardy get significantly appreciate and favor from distinctive folks specifically Ed Hardy bags and Ed Hardy caps. They have become the true street fashion..
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The American College of Sports activities Medicine suggests working out at a moderate intensity for a minimum of half-hour 5 days each week, or 20 minutes vigorous workout 3 days a week. It will need to not be applied like a replacement for expert medical assistance, analysis or therapy. LIVESTRONG can be a registered trademark on the LIVESTRONG Basis.
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Two of my good friends who are pastry chefs have absent or black tooth. No joke. Somewhat here and there is certainly fine to create positive all is fantastic, but constantly, day soon after day, adds up...
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Flashing within the display had been massive Chinese subtitles that prompted the deputy factory director to sing aloud regarding the glory in the Chinese Communist Celebration. Its lyrics exhorted consumers to function difficult for the really good from the nation and praised the Chinese men and women for following the party's management to generate stunting financial final results. I didn't quite see the relationship amongst this message and also the photos of Caucasian ladies crossing streets, however the deputy sang with gusto..
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You ought to have to reside your goals. Recognizing this is the hardest and many important stage. The majority of us consider that only other people get to reside their goals.
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monster earphone The age of the river's lake is gentle, the Monster Beats By Dre renowned four fingers, and he is only 4 killer fingers. The entire world has thought is 4 refers to defect, but are typically flaws, develop into lethal turn into benefit. For liana, need to say he may be a genius, monster beats studio dr.
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Why did Steve Kerr spend particular attention to Lebrons body language and behavior in these conditions? This query is most effective answered by posing an extra query. The gamers would quite possibly pitch a fit, and understandably so! In a equivalent way, it truly is vital for athletes to know that their facial expressions and physique language are responsible for letting their opponents know precisely what is on their thoughts. Opponents have an advantage anytime they know we are discouraged, fatigued, or encountering any other negative believed or experiencing..
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Reg Mulavin and Charlie Pincott had been honoured with Existence Memberships in the BMYC for their determination and service. Prior to the graduation with the season, on a certain Sunday towards the finish of March every year Registration Day took place soon after the 10.30am Mass, when all these wishing to perform gathered at St Paul's School lawn inside a seething mass and experienced their names and ages registered and had been allotted to their groups and introduced to their Coaches. Matches were performed on Saturday mornings commencing at nine.00am so all teams fulfilled in St Paul's school property at 8.30am..
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Each participant has her own ball. The purpose in the video game is for gamers to kick their very own soccer balls so that they strike the unique ball within the center. The initial group to knock the specific ball over the line of the reverse team wins.
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Talking regarding your wedding ceremony ceremony, you can find lots of exciting, wonderful detail decorations that you can obtain with lovely wedding blossoms. If you happen to possess an out doorway wedding, you may would like to provide your guests with paper fans, and what in the event you add a delicate contact to them by including a tiny flower for the holder. Or what about marking down the route of one's wedding ceremony aisle with lanterns surrounded by blossoms a romantic candle lit..
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Each scarf is handmade with lots of various types of yarn consisting of quite a few textures and designs. The sorts of yarn may vary slightly in each and every scarf because of the altering availability of yarn. The general appear will remain the exact same although.
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The resources are powerful. The top quality of student/athlete is 2nd to no other year because the 12-1 document would reveal. There will likely be plenty of coaches waiting in line for this task this time around..
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That was a cool video.
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"They get an much easier run-in, that is for confident. Maybe previously it really is been like that in South Africa with the Lions as well as the Cheetahs but the Lions would be the only facet who've struggled a little this year. The Cheetahs have already been competitive.
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What's this you request? Its to sell the film any way you can easily. Stores like Spencer Presents and Scorching Topic have an almost everlasting show dedicated to movies with cult followings just like the The Boondock Saints. Whether or not it is actually guide bags, t-shirts, stickers or buttons the movie is retailed to demise..
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Inner conviction - belief in the team and the objectives before it - gives rise to enthusiasm. This must be visible to the members of the team. It provides the "motive power" they use to tackle their jobs with courage and hope. The selection from several internet designers and online search engine optimizers is to discover as a great number of keywords as you are able to. They notify you to look for search phrases utilizing a sort of on the net equipment and software package programs which may uncover primary keywords. At first this seems attractive, nevertheless it in reality defies any reasoning..
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At this moment soon enough with all the gigantic green movement sweeping the nation and spreading its tentacles throughout the globe, natural fertilizers are 'cool' and also the 'in' thing. Not so quickly. Your synthetic fertilizers are required and appropriately utilized can boost and work together with the natural fertilizers to improve a crops lifestyle and purpose for existence..
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The problem is that not only were they unable to spend it, they actually shot themselves in the foot trying. What will the Oiler$ do when one of their Restricted Free Agents takes them to arbitration and gets awarded a huge pay day with the Vanek contract cited as a comparable? They'll probably accept it. Why? Because maybe just maybe the lock out wasn't really about salaries and available funds, maybe just maybe it was really about increasing the values of each franchise.
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bargain oakley find out a low cost
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do you think you're truly specifically exactly is mostly business-lesson focused on their own unique mentor motorboat cruise ship competitions? E